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Placing recruiters globally

We are a global rec to rec agency based in the UK with interests in Dubai, UK and Europe.

We build solid and lasting relationships that elevate the future of our candidates across a broad spectrum of the recruitment industry.

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Our years of experience, a growing list of clients, and working partnerships make us an intimate agency.

We are focused on the individual relationship of each of our candidates more than closing high-frequency deals.

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This relationship focus has allowed us to develop a robust and strategic network of fellow recruiters in industries like:

IT/Digital Transformation
Accounting, Banking & Finance
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Sales & Marketing
FMCG / Supply Chain
Legal & Technical
Construction & Property
Oil & Gas

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Recruitment to recruitment specialists

What's your next move?

We are a recruitment agency who specialise finding recruiters. Our clients are recruitment agencies and our candidates are recruiters. We have an international presence, primarily in the Middle East, across Europe and in the UK, operating across all industries. 

If you're a recruiter in these geographies, or you're looking to make a move, get in touch below.