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The Rec2Rec Promise

We could spend all day celebrating our business, but the reality is you are the most essential part of Billers Rec 2 Rec.

Our clients and candidates are what truly set us apart. We have worked with incredible global talent who rely upon us for advice and job placement over the years.

This is our promise: an open and honest rec2rec agency dedicated to building your future prospects with quality talent management and a network of growing prestigious clients.

A network of exceptional recruitment talent

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Professional Recruitment Consultants

Our talent acquisition team focuses on getting to know each of our candidates on a personal level. We strive to match their personal journeys with clients that can elevate and enhance their business development and skillsets while working together.

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360 Recruiter

While many in our industry focus on extreme niche clients, we pride ourselves on being able to step into any realm of recruitment to recruitment practices and models. We are just as comfortable with Executive Searches as we are with In-House Recruitment. The best way to find out how we can help your business or job search is to contact our team. We are more than happy to answer questions or inquires you may have about working with Billers Rec to Rec.